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Chart Toppers Authoring is Now in Business! First Songs Announced!

Ladies and gentlemen, today Chart Toppers Authoring has officially
opened its doors! The team has been working long and hard to make this happen,
and we are ready to bring amazing artists to the Rock Band Network!

The first artist we are announcing is one of our own authors, Shylo
Elliott, who is a hobbyist composer and keyboardist. He’s a do-it-yourselfer
who enjoys composing and creating whatever happens to pop into his mind, and he
won’t let a silly little thing like genre get in his way.

“What I do with my music is what I want to do with my music. As far as
my solo stuff goes, I don’t want to constrain myself as far as genre goes. And
anything that can help me sound good, I want to use it…if it’s me, I can do
anything I want, I can experiment.“

His experiments have obviously turned out successful, as he will be
bringing three songs to the RBN through us.

The first song is called “Bittersweet Melancholy.” Don’t let the name
fool you though, this song doesn’t let up. Fast feet and hands are needed to
get through this song. Containing a fun and fast synth solo, a simple but
enjoyable bass and drums that hardly give you a second to rest, you’re
guaranteed to get a workout from this song.

The second song is titled “P.W.M.O.” Sounds powerful, doesn’t it? Well,
it is. This song is an absolute blast to play on Rock Band. With three amazing “guitar”
solos, two cool drum solos, and fills that will bring your drummer to his
knees, this song is an instrumental thrill ride.

Too intimidating for you? His third song ought to lighten things up.
Appropriately, it’s titled “Light.” It’s a remixed version of his original song
made specifically for the Rock Band Network, in order to make things a little interesting.

“I wanted to do a little something different for the RBN version. I
didn’t want the bassist to be twiddling his thumbs, and I think the extra bit
of bass enhances the song. It’s not the most challenging bass, but it’s
something for the player.”

It may not be challenging, but it fits the song. Light is a perfect
break song for your setlists to simply relax and enjoy the calming music before
your next metal shredfests. Sit down, take in the sounds, and just go with the
flow. Plus, there’s also a nice solo to play through. That’s always cool.

And if you can’t get enough of Shylo Elliott with just these three songs,
stay tuned, for we will be releasing more of his work in the near future
through RBN. All three songs are from his debut album, Proof of Concept, which
will slowly be available in its entirety in the Rock Band Network.

All three songs will be coming to RBN soon. To view the preview videos
for all songs:

Bittersweet Melancholy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g78GM_goYLM

P.W.M.O.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I58ZOymVg6Q

Light: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpZMYvY4j68

To know more about Shylo Elliott, you can visit his MySpace at: http://www.myspace.com/shyloelliottmusic

To follow him on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/shyloelliott


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