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Broken Equilibrium Bringing Pure Hard Rock To Rock Band Network


Indianapolis, IN hard rock group Broken Equilibrium is bringing their hard-hitting brand of pure rock to the Rock Band Network!

Formed in 2002 and touring their hometown since 2006, Broken Equilibrium drives heavy distorted guitar riffs, intense drumming, rocking basslines, and thoughtful vocals into listeners’ heads, and will be driving them through your copy of Rock Band courtesy of Chart Toppers Authoring and the Rock Band Network!

They will be bringing two tracks to the Rock Band Network, “Epitome of Misery” and “November,” both of which are among their most popular tracks and have a lot to offer to Rock Band players.

“Epitome of Misery” hits you with heaviness right off the bat. The hard-driving guitar/bass riffs and complex drums complement both vocalist TJ Robinette’s powerful, thought-provoking vocals and his smooth cello verses. “November” alternates strong guitar riffs and growling
vocals with melodic singing and calming guitar lines, creating a blend of the atmospheric and the heavy that leaves you wanting more.

Both songs are from their debut self-titled album, and will be coming to Rock Band Network soon.

Here are the preview videos for both songs:

Epitome of Misery: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDl2gBvI-Jg

November: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n27zZR035aE

Visit Broken Equilibrium on the web at:









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