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Jacob Chaney, Electronic Wizard from Oregon, Makes His Rock Band Network Debut!

We’ve worked on a lot of electronic music here at Chart Toppers lately, yet we are continually amazed at the many different types of electronica there are, and we wonder how many of those we will end up working with. Cue Jacob Chaney, from a mysterious faraway land called Oregon, who is bringing his own electronic creation entitled “Cluster #2” to the Rock Band Network in two formats!

Chaney cites influences ranging from “death metal to nursery rhymes”, and while some may be scratching their heads wondering what this wide range of influence could produce, it all becomes perfectly clear when listening to “Cluster #2.” At some points mellow and melodic and at some points rapid and chaotic, “Cluster #2” showcases Chaney’s talent at electronic composition and provides a uniquely fun challenge to anyone playing this instrumental piece on Rock Band.

“Cluster #2” will be released in two formats. An “RB2 Version” has been approved for sale and is now available in the Rock Band Network store for Rock Band 2 and 3, and is featured in the preview video below. An “RB3 Version” will be released for Rock Band 3 featuring keyboard and Pro keyboard authoring.

You can download “Cluster #2 (RB2 Version)” at http://www.rockband.com/songs/UGC_5005448


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