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The Heavy Metal Band Infused With Super-Rock Powers, Kurodust, Coming to the Rock Band Network!

What do you get when you cross a big green shipping container, a homemade studio, three musicians and some magic black dust? You get Melbourne, Australia’s hard-rocking Kurodust!

Formed in 2005, Kurodust began working on their first full-length album, Containment Failure, in 2007 using custom-made equipment and a home studio. The album begins hitting hard from the first song and doesn’t let up, and the quality of the tracks, both sonically and musically, is top-notch.

Off of this album, the track “Doll in the Dust” will be the band’s first song on Rock Band. “Doll in the Dust,” the fourth track on the album, is a perfect example of the heavy sound Kurodust is made of. Featuring two-part harmonies with a couple three-parts sprinkled in, this song will be a treat for vocalists. Guitarists and bassists will be hooked on the riffs, and the sweet guitar solo will melt your face. Literally.

Check out the preview below to see what you’re in for. “Doll in the Dust” will be coming soon to Rock Band Network as one of our first RBN2 tracks!

Find out more about Kurodust and their super powers at:







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