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Post No-Wave Outfit SNMT Brings the Rock Band Network a Different Style of Song!

RBN is known for many things. An abundance of metal is one of them. Another is the experimentation of new ideas, instruments and genres being blended into the traditional “rock band” template. We at Chart Toppers continue this experimentation by bringing Murfreesboro, TN’s SNMT, the no-wave project of Andrew Eidson brought to you courtesy of Eidson’s netlabel Black Flower Music.

SNMT’s different styles of noise music are influenced by various Modern era composers as well as many Japanese noise musicians. Such influences provide a stark contrast between songs. Some are very abrasive and noisy, while some are laid-back atonal soundscapes similar to some modern classical composers. Their first song coming to Rock Band, entitled “PON DE FIOR” (the title a reference to Major Lazer’s “Pon de Floor”), is of the more abrasive type, with a constant air of static covering the whole song.

The fiddle, guitar and theremin used in the song (mapped to guitar, bass and keyboard, respectively) each lend their part to the overall noise, while being distinctive in their own way. Due to their free nature, the charts for these parts are among the most unique charts we’ve ever authored, each with its own level of fun. You’ll know you’re playing something different the moment those first notes come down the highway.

Check out a preview video for “PON DE FIOR” below and find out more about SNMT at:

http://snmt.bandcamp.com/ (Main link to purchase SNMT songs)
http://twitter.com/tearsofash (Andrew Eidson’s personal Twitter)
http://twitter.com/bfmpodcast (Black Flower Music Twitter)
http://youtube.com/tearsofash (SNMT music videos and other things Andrew Eidson makes)


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