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Leetstreet Boys Ask: Can You Play This Song on Expert Mode?

Leetstreet Boys have written songs about a variety of otaku topics, such as anime/manga and video game characters. They are a highly-requested band at conventions, having played cons such as Senshi-Con, Animethon, Anime Vegas and many others. Now they will make their first appearance in Rock Band with a song about Rock Band!

LeetStreet Boys is an anime otaku band that gained international attention in 2008 with their breakout single and music video Yuri The Only One. Widely recognized as one of the first western anime bands to gain international recognition based on being genuine, innovative otaku artists, the band continues to produce music, multimedia, and live concert performances.

“Expert Mode” tells the story of a “Rock Band warlord” that kidnaps the player’s love interest. The warlord challenges the player to play a song on Expert in order to defeat him and save the damsel in distress. As with all major boss fights, this song isn’t an easy one; two blistering guitar solos stand in the way of total domination, and keyboardists will have to play constant-moving synth scales throughout, making it one very challenging song to beat on Expert.

Are you a bad enough rocker to beat this song on Expert Mode? Check out a preview of the song below, and look for “Expert Mode” to come out soon. The band, which publishes a fictional webcomic about themselves on their site, will feature this song in their comic as part of their one-month special promotion of the track. Find more information on Leetstreet Boys and all they do at:



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