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Winter Crescent Brings Lots of Greek Progressive Metal To RBN! (Update: Entire Album Now Coming!)

Despite having been active since late 2010, Chart Toppers Authoring has never had a non-electronic metal song on RBN. With the RBN being a haven for all kinds of metal, this is a rarity. So, we are proud today to announce our first metal signing, the Greek progressive metal band Winter Crescent!

Winter Crescent was formed in the winter of 2000 in Heraklion Crete, Greece, but didn’t find a stable formation until early 2008. They’ve performed in various cities all over Greece and have recorded a 7-track demo CD in 2009 titled “Battle of Egos,” which we will be bringing  to the Rock Band Network in its entirety! This demo, which was chosen as the Greek Metal Hammer’s September 2009 “Pick of the Month,” features intense guitar work, groovy basslines, fast and technical drumwork, and epic vocal progressions that make it a fun experience on all instruments. To best capture Giorgos Ktistakis’s amazing double bass work, each song will feature a 2x Bass Pedal version!

Winter Crescent loves their music and brings it to Rock Band in the hopes that you will love it too. After having worked on these tracks and fallen in love with them, we have no doubt that Winter Crescent’s brand of amazing prog metal will be among your favorite tracks to play and listen to.

The following songs will be coming to the Rock Band Network, with each having a 2x Bass Pedal version except “Battle of Egos Intro.”

“Battle of Egos Intro”
“Battle of Egos Part I”
“Battle of Egos Part II”
“My Last Will”
“Winter Crescent”
“Lost in Dreams”

Check out a preview video of the first track, “Battle of Egos (2x Bass Pedal),” below, and learn more about Winter Crescent at:



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