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Daryle Stephen Ackerman Returns to the Rock Band Network With Six More Songs!

If you’re a Rock Band player who keeps up with Rock Band Network releases (and of course you are, or you wouldn’t be reading this), you’ll no doubt have seen Daryle Stephen Ackerman’s song “One-Night-Stand Man” on the Rock Band Network. To accompany that track, we at Chart Toppers are bringing six additional songs from the same album, “Attention to Detail.”

Daryle Stephen Ackerman is a Computer Information Systems graduate and singer-songwriter from Canada who has written three solo albums of original material. A mostly self-trained musician, Daryle composed and performed all of the instruments on his albums. His music is laid-back, piano-driven adult contemporary that will satisfy many keys enthusiasts. Each song is fun and easy to listen to, and will quickly become favorites in your Rock Band library.

The six tracks he will be bringing to Rock Band are:

“Run Away With Me”
“Half a Chance”
“Gave It My All”
“Tear My Heart in Two”
“The Mississippi Flows”

All songs feature authoring for all available instruments with the following exceptions:

-Run Away With Me, Gave It My All, and Tear My Heart in Two do not feature Harmony authoring.
-Run Away With Me does not feature drum authoring.

In addition, there are two non-standard instruments authored:

-The Mississippi Flows contains a harp intro and outro authored to Keyboard/Pro Keys.
-Run Away With Me does not have a keyboard in the song; instead, the backing electric guitar is authored to Keyboard/Pro Keys.

Learn more about Daryle Stephen Ackerman at:



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