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Twitter Giveaway! Bring Us More Followers, We’ll Bring You Microsoft Points!

At the time of this post, we have only 58 followers on Twitter. Only 58 people being instantly notified about awesome new artists we’re bringing to Rock Band Network and other cool happenings we have going on. I think that’s too few people. So, we’re going to entice new followers with a giveaway!

Starting at 100 followers, we will post a trivia question on Twitter about one of our artists in order of announcement, starting with Shylo Elliott, at every 50 new followers. So at 100, then 150, then 200, etc., a new question will come up. They won’t be too hard, but you will need to search a bit to find the answer. First person to tweet @ChartToppers with the answer to the question will get 2 codes for 160 MSP each. That’s 320 MSP, good for 4 Chart Toppers songs worth 80 points or 2 songs worth 160 points.

This giveaway will go on forever as long as we keep getting followers, so follow us @ChartToppers, get others to follow us, and we’ll keep the good stuff a-comin’!


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