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Winter Crescent – Battle of Egos Epic Giveaway! (UPDATE: Contest Over Early: Read for Details of Future Contest)


The Battle of Egos Epic Giveaway has been ended early. All winners have received their prizes, and all remaining prizes are being pooled together for another contest at a later date. This will be another Winter Crescent-themed contest, but will be different. Keep posted to our news updates to learn more info when the time comes. Thanks to all who participated in the Battle of Egos Epic Giveaway!



Today, Greek progressive metal band Winter Crescent releases their first song on Rock Band Network, “Battle of Egos Part I.” It is available in standard and 2x Bass Pedal versions for 80 Microsoft Points each, and will be joined in the near future by the rest of the songs on their “Battle of Egos” album.

This song is pretty challenging, and the band hopes to have it available for PS3 users to enjoy. In fact, the band would love nothing more than to have their music on PS3. To do that, it must sell well on Xbox (at least, we know that helps somewhat). So to encourage sales and bring attention to their songs, the band is holding a series of promotions for people brave enough to tackle this song on Expert and capture it on video!

Here’s What You Could Win:

-Microsoft Points Contest!: Five people will receive 3 codes for 160 MSP each (total 480 MSP per winner). The codes will go to the first person to submit a video of themselves getting 100% on Expert for each of the following instruments: Guitar, Bass, Drums, 2x Bass Pedal Drums, Solo Vocals. Either version of the song can be used, except for Drums in which you’ll need the specific version to compete. Only one entry per instrument. The band hopes you’ll use the codes to check out their future offerings on the Rock Band Network, which will each be 80 MSP.

-Battle of Egos Album Contest!: Nine people will receive a free hard copy of the “Battle of Egos” album (ARV $10 each).  To win, you must be one of the first 9 people to submit a video of yourself scoring 95% or higher on any instrument on Expert (or 90% on the 2x Bass Pedal drum chart on Expert).

-Grand Prize Contest!: The very first person to get 100% on every single instrument (Harmony not required, either standard or 2x Bass Pedal is fine for drums) in the song (known as a One-Man-Band Full Combo or OMBFC) will receive an advance promotional copy of Winter Crescent’s brand new upcoming studio album, which is currently in production and will also be coming to Rock Band Network in its entirety! This special copy will be signed by all five members of Winter Crescent as proof that it is the very first print of the album! In addition, for being such a beast, you will also get a copy of the “Battle of Egos” album and 3 codes for 160 MSP each! (Total ARV for all prizes $26) (NOTE: NEW ALBUM IS NOT COMPLETED. WINNER WILL BE SENT THE NEW ALBUM AS SOON AS IT IS FINISHED AND PRINTED.)

How to Enter the Contest:

-Purchase either “Battle of Egos Part I” or “Battle of Egos Part I (2x Bass Pedal) by Winter Crescent, available for the Xbox 360 as Rock Band Network DLC.

-Record a video of yourself playing the song on any instrument (or on all instruments if entering the Grand Prize Contest) and upload it to YouTube.

-Email the link to your YouTube video along with your name and mailing address (required if you enter either the Battle of Egos Album Contest or the Grand Prize Contest) to contest@charttoppersauthoring.com. The first entry received will be the first one counted. Each entrant can only enter one of the three contests, can only submit one entry, and must declare which contest will be entered if the video qualifies for multiple contests.

If you have won an album and would like to show off your loot, send a photo of yourself with your copy of the album and Winter Crescent will post it on their Facebook page for the world to see!

The band hopes you will spread the word about the songs so PS3 players can enjoy them too, and that you will check out the entire album on Rock Band Network! Good luck to you all, and happy shredding!

Official rules:

Entries will be accepted until the last prize is claimed; contest has no definite ending date. Entries depicting the results screen of any Rock Band Network song with “Battle of Egos Part I” in the title sent to Chart Toppers Authoring, LLC at the email address listed above will be considered one (1) valid entry each, with a maximum of one (1) entry obtained in this method. One of the two songs may be specifically required by certain contests; please read contest qualification rules for details. A maximum of one (1) entry per person will be considered valid, and each person can only enter one (1) contest. Winning entries are selected on a first-come first-serve basis; this not a contest, and no random entries are chosen. If you win, and you are contacted, you have seven (7) days to reply to claim your prize; failure to do so will result in your entry becoming invalid and another winner will be allowed to qualify. All winners will be tracked at http://www.charttoppersauthoring.com/contest.aspx.

By entering this contest, the entrant (hereafter referred to as “You”) agree to the following terms:

-Chart Toppers Authoring LLC, Winter Crescent, and their affiliates (hereafter referred to as “We” or any variation of “We” including but not limited to “Our”) will not be held liable or accountable for any accidents or unintentional damages, including but not limited to lost or damaged mail. All items sent are shipped out in mint condition.

-You hereby agree to allow the use of Your gamertag, YouTube username and/or real name on http://www.charttoppersauthoring.com/contest.aspx for prize tracking purposes. All information collected from You, including but not limited to Your name and mailing address, is kept secure via our privacy policy, found at http://charttoppersauthoring.com/privacy.aspx.

-If you send in a picture of Yourself with Your prizes, You hereby agree to allow Your picture to be displayed online on public websites, including but not limited to the Facebook profile for Winter Crescent. You hereby certify that the person depicted in the photograph is indeed You, or that any and all persons depicted in the photograph have granted permission for their likenesses to be used. We may ask for certification or other proof if this is the case. We are under no obligation to use any photographs sent to us.

-You hereby certify that you have read all of these terms and agree with them.

PRIZE DEFINITION: The contest will consist of fifteen (15) Prizes. Winners will be selected at a first-come first-serve basis and awarded one of the Prizes defined above for their qualifying contest. One copy of each Prize will be provided. All Prizes are Microsoft Points codes or hard copies of music in CD format, provided by one of two Contest Sponsors (Chart Toppers Authoring, LLC or Winter Crescent).

Staff and contactors of Chart Toppers Authoring, LLC, members of Winter Crescent, and their families and dependents are prohibited from entering this contest. Contest open to United States and Canada residents except where prohibited by law. Canadian citizens may be required to pass a demonstration of skill before being awarded a prize.[


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