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Spassm Brings “Ghost of Fallen Pluto” to Rock Band Network (Update: Song is Now An Instrumental)

Spassm’s Facebook has this to say about them: “Born to the hellish town of Lapeer, Michigan, Spassm attempts to create decent music.” Those attempts appear to have paid off; the punk band has released an EP in 2010, “All That Could Have Been” and a debut LP in 2011, “The Penelope Rose.” Both albums are available as hard copy purchases or free digital downloads. Off of this LP, Spassm will be bringing the fourth track from the album, “Ghost of Fallen Pluto,” to the Rock Band Network!

“Ghost of Fallen Pluto” has everything a Rock Band player could want in a song. A straightforward yet shifting bassline, some cool sounding organ and synth, multiple HOPO-laden guitar patterns with a jam solo near the end and a few very tricky parts, and very fun and active drum part. Combined, the song makes for a very dynamic Rock Band experience that can’t be missed out on! (UPDATE: The vocals for the original song were deemed inappropriate for a “T” rated game like Rock Band, so at the artist’s request we are releasing this song as an instrumental.)

Check out a preview of “Ghost of Fallen Pluto” below, heading to playtesting soon, and find out more about Spassm at:



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