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Chart Toppers Authoring Affiliates With The Entertainment Lounge Podcast, Announces Contest!

Paolo Viteri of Chart Toppers Authoring is now the “Music Guy” on The Entertainment Lounge, a new up-and-coming podcast consisting of old high school friends sitting around and discussing or reviewing music, movies, and video games, as well as other things that may interest them. Due to this, Chart Toppers Authoring has affiliated itself with The Entertainment Lounge, and has provided the podcast with Microsoft Point codes to give away!

Starting with Episode 4, every episode will contain a “password” that will be said by a random person in a random place. After the podcast airs, listeners have from then until the following Saturday to find the password and email it to the podcast hosts. On Saturday, when the next podcast episode is recorded, the hosts will assign numbers to the emails in order of receipt, and will use www.random.org to pick a winner. That winner will win a code redeemable for 160 Microsoft Points, which is enough to buy one or two RBN songs from Chart Toppers Authoring!

This contest is held by The Entertainment Lounge; Chart Toppers only provides the prizes to the hosts. Please direct any inquiries about the contest to the TEL hosts. Full contest details are given in Episode 4 of The Entertainment Lounge.

Check out The Entertainment Lounge at www.muscletower.com/index.php?page=podcasts&id=8 and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!

UPDATE: Episodes 4 and 5 both contain the rules of the contest and the password; the contest for that week was extended due to technical issues with Episode 4 that have now been fixed.


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