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Nod 206 is Chart Toppers Authoring’s First Spanish Language Act!

The owners of Chart Toppers Authoring have always wanted to work on Spanish-language music, and now we finally have our chance. Hailing from Asuncion, Paraguay, we’re bringing Nod 206 to the Rock Band Network with two very diverse songs off of their latest release, Onicira EP.

The first track, “Ocaso Escarlata,” showcases the Nod 206 metal sound with heavy riffs, intricate drumming, powerful vocals and intense breakdowns. It’s as fun to play as it is awesome-sounding. The second track, “En Donde Duermen Los Suenos,” is the more mellow track of the two, featuring acoustic melodies, unconventional drum patterns and a sweet sounding echoed guitar solo at the end. Both tracks are Nod 206’s first ventures into the Rock Band Network, and they hope that players of any language will enjoy what they have to offer.

Check out a preview for both songs below and expect to be rocking out to these songs on RBN very soon!

Learn more about Nod 206 at:



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