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BR1GHT PR1MATE Bring Cool Chiptunes to Rock Band Network!

So many different styles of chiptune music exist. Due to the flexibility of video game sound chips, one can make all kinds of different songs. Chiptune artists push the boundaries of their creativity and the sound chips they use in many ways, and it’s clear from listening to just one BR1GHT PR1MATE song that such experimentation results in amazing music.

BR1GHT PR1MATE is a duo consisting of Lydia Marsala and James Therrien, a couple of Bostonians who combine soulful vocals and Game Boy soundchip compositions to create spacey, bluesy music that’s just as entrancing as it is innovative. The duo have appeared on Fox News in July 2010 to talk about chiptune music, and have performed “I Cry” live on the show. They’ve also performed live in many locations along with other BOSTON8BIT artists.

They will be bringing three tracks to the Rock Band Network off of their album “The Reality Chipmusic Love Industry.” They are:

-Please Me
-I Cry

Check out a preview below for “Please Me,” and expect to see the others soon!

Find out more about BR1GHT PR1MATE at:



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