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John Daly Project Brings Blues Rock Track “Don’t Drink the Bottle” to Rock Band!

Music is written from the heart and draws inspiration from personal feelings and life experiences. If an event has impacted a musician, they express it through the art they create. John Daly has done this very thing and created the bluesy “Don’t Drink the Bottle,” which we’re proud to bring to the Rock Band Network!

John has been performing since he was young. Born in Levitttown, Pennsylvania, John played locally until he moved to Florida and began recording CDs with a studio band. A man of many talents, John has written many kinds of songs, from Big Band to Country, and is looking to have his music heard in as many places as possible. It’s only natural then that the Rock Band Network would be the next avenue for his music to show up in.

“Don’t Drink the Bottle” is a song about John’s father, who succumbed to alcoholism when John was still young. It’s a perfect portrayal of alcoholism and how it affects not only the alcoholic but the people around him as well. This story is wrapped up in a blues-rock package with catchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals that showcase John’s musical talent.

Check out a preview below, and learn more about John at:



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