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Chart Toppers Authoring and Stik Man Records Partner Up To Bring You Fist of the North Star!

We’ve worked with many bands of many genres. And yet, there are some we’ve yet to take on, and are all too happy to venture into. We love challenging songs, we love fast, fun and furious music, and we also love showing off the diversity of music from our local area. And so, we’ve partnered with Stik Man Records to infuse the Rock Band Network with some much-needed thrash punk in the form of Fist of the North Star!

Fist of the North Star is a thrash punk band from our home state of Tennessee. These guys have been blowing crowds away with their unique style of fast-paced, hard-hitting pure punk since 2006, and have shared the stage with acts such as the Misfits, Agent Orange, FEAR, D.R.I., The Casualties and many others. Now they’re coming to show Rock Band what real thrash punk is all about. Check out their preview videos below, and pay attention to the background, for the player avatars have been customized to resemble the band members as close as possible! (Unfortunately we can’t bundle these avatars with the songs, but you imaginative character-creator types should be able to make your own and rock out with FOTNS!)

They will be bringing all four songs they contributed to the above pictured “International Split” album to the Rock Band Network:

-Burning Out
-Waiting for the End

We hope you will enjoy these tunes, and we’re looking to bring more goodness from Stik Man’s lineup to blow your mind.

Find out more about FOTNS and Stik Man Records at:









One response

  1. So, are the Dirty Works on this label? We’ve kinda fallen out of touch and I figured you just dropped us.

    January 7, 2012 at 12:42 am

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