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Chart Toppers Authoring Partners with Holy War Entertainment to Bring You SIMPL3JACK!

We love bands willing to embrace the RBN and provide it with lots of awesome music. We also love bands with members who are extremely talented for their ages. Thus, we’ve partnered with Holy War Entertainment to bring you a full album from California punk band SIMPL3JACK!

The three-piece band got their start at an elementary school talent show in 2009, and from there went on to sign a record contract with Holy War and play over 100 professional gigs. They released their self-titled album in early 2011 and are bringing the whole thing to Rock Band!

All 12 tracks of the SIMPL3JACK album are coming soon, and you can check out a preview of three of the songs below! Videos will, of course, be made for the entire album as the songs are completed.

-Song For Meg
-Carny Asada
-At War With the Cherubs
-Lizard Wash
-Terrance Is An Alien
-No Cojones
-Mae Fong

To learn more about the band, check out the following sites:



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