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Venezuelan Rock Band Sifting Bring New Single “All the Hated” to Rock Band!

We’ve announced many things lately, but we’ve not had some hard rock for a while. I think it’s time to fix that. We’re proud to announce that we’re bringing Venezuelan rock band Sifting to Rock Band Network with the title track to their upcoming LP, “All the Hated,” as their first song on Rock Band!

Sifting is a Venezuelan rock band, but their songs are in English. Formed in 2007, the band has already shared the stage with acts such as Bullet for My Valentine, and has recorded an EP titled “All the Hated,” which is being expanded into an LP.

Their material is very diverse; Rock Band players will get a taste of their hard rock side, but Sifting also wanders into progressive metal territory. They combine powerful vocal harmonies with multiple active guitars backed by an aggressive rhythm section, creating a unique sound each time they combine these elements. This results in music that ends up being extremely fun to play on Rock Band. See for yourself; as per usual, we’ve got a preview video to show you just how awesome these guys are.

Look out for “All the Hated” coming to Rock Band soon, and find out more about Sifting at:



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