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Chilean Virtuoso Guitarist Lechuga Brings Progressive Instrumental “O Vurdón” to Rock Band Network!

We’ve noticed that people like to buy difficult songs on Rock Band. Usually these songs are technically complex, like progressive metal. We love songs like this too, and so we’re proud to announce that Chilean virtuoso guitarist Lechuga is bringing his compositon “O Vurdón” to the Rock Band Network!

Benjamín Lechuga is a talented international guitarist/composer/sessionist from Chile whose skills won him a scholarship from Steve Vai to study music in London, where he currently resides. Lechuga has recorded many songs with progressive metal band DELTA as well as a self-titled solo album, where “O Vurdón” is taken from. He has shared the stage with world-famous artists like Dream Theater (chosen by Mike Portnoy himself to appear), Miley Cyrus, The Doors, Andy Timmons, Symphony X, and Stratovarius, among others. He pulls influences from a variety of metal bands and guitarists, and it’s reflected in his sound.

“O Vurdón” is an amazing blend of flamenco and electric guitar that mixes perfectly to create one of the most unique and breathtaking progressive instrumentals you’ll ever hear. Skilled guitarists will have their hands full with the various solos, and bassists and keyboard players will have to do their best to survive the blistering patterns on their charts! Drummers get a special treat; a 2x Bass Pedal version of this song will also be made available for download! Watch a preview of the song below, and learn more about Lechuga at:



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