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Straight Outta Junior High Coming Straight to Your Rock Band 3!

Ever heard a song that just made your day? The kind of fast-paced, upbeat punk song about absolutely nothing that just makes you smile and makes you think, “This would be so awesome in Rock Band, you don’t even know”? If you haven’t, then today you will.

Straight Outta Junior High released their 5th album, Sharknocerous, in 2009 under their own label, Wunkrock Records. The song we’re bringing off this album, “Dudes and Guys and Things and Stuff” is about dudes…and guys…and things…and also stuff. Can’t forget the stuff. It’s a hilarious and energetic song that makes for an amazing Rock Band experience. Fast-paced drums, an awesome guitar solo, and chorus harmonies will keep you playing this song over and over and over again, and will make you fall in love with SOJH’s signature sound.

Check out a preview of the song below, and find out more about Straight Outta Junior High at:



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