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Exit of the Envious Brings “The One That Released Its Terror” to Rock Band!

We’re proud to announce today that we’re bringing alternative/New Progressive rock band Exit of the Envious to Rock Band Network! They will make their Rock Band debut with “The One That Released Its Terror,” the fifth track off of their self-titled EP!

Exit of the Envious (formerly known as CurrentLeo) hails from South Jordan, Utah. Their music is influenced by a variety of classic and contemporary rock styles, resulting in unique, solid compositions with various styles of play interweaving with each other. Exit of the Envious has performed many local shows with bands such as The Lost Colony, The Never Ending Summer, New Origins, Children of Nova and Exit Strategy.

“The One That Released Its Terror” is a great example of their unique style; starting with a noisy jam intro, the song transitions into a build-up that leads to a guitar solo, before moving on to the main riffs. The song alternates between quiet, melodic guitar playing and fast, rocking solos, which makes for a very fun Rock Band experience.

Check out a preview of “The One That Released Its Terror” below, and learn more about Exit of the Envious at:




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