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Legend of Hobo Theme is Coming to Rock Band Network!

Today we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with singer-songwriter Viktor Cepeda and Bashcraft to bring the theme song to the popular webseries “The Legend of Hobo” to the Rock Band Network!

“The Legend of Hobo” is a YouTube series created by Brandon Ashur using Minecraft that tells the story of a man named Hobo who must go on an epic journey. The series has 5 episodes, with a sixth in production as of this post. The YouTube channel it’s hosted on has almost 70,000 subscribers and each video has a large amount of views, with the first episode having over one million views!

The theme song has fast guitar, a catchy chorus and awesome-sounding keyboard that makes it a perfect fit for Rock Band. Viktor combines melodious vocal harmonies with an iconic keys riff to make an amazing opener to the series, and players will be able to rock out to the full version of the theme song!

Check out the preview video below!

Find out more about:

Viktor Cepeda:

Legend of Hobo:


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