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Christina Marie Magenta Returns to Rock Band Network With Many New Songs!

Christina Marie Magenta is no stranger to Rock Band. The band previously released seven songs to the game from the album “Burn” some time back, and we’re happy to announce today that we’ll be bringing many more songs, including at least one from “Burn,” and several from the new album “Poison,” set to drop in June.

Christina’s sultry vocals blend together with the band’s industrial/electronic mixed sound to create unique-sounding tracks that are both fun to play and amazing to listen to. The songs draw from rock, electronic, and industrial metal influences, so there’s a bit of something there for everyone, especially since we’re working on multiple tracks to bring to Rock Band 3 players!

Below you’ll find a preview video for the song “Snake,” taken from the “Burn” album. Christina wrote the song when she was 15, demonstrating a talent for songwriting from an early age. The song itself is a perfect example of a CMM-style track, blending distorted guitar together with ambient electronic sounds and moving from a mellow, keys-focused track to a harder, guitar-powered and drum-driven beat, and back and forth.

In addition to songs from both studio albums, we are also working on remixed versions of songs, including a remix of “Lunatic” that is much-more rock-oriented than the original song, and we will also be authoring the winning remix for “Toad” from the remix contest currently being held. If you’re a remix artist, the contest ends May 16th so your remix may be the one we put in the game! More details on the remix contest can be found at the band’s official website.

Find more information on Christina Marie Magenta at the below links, and look out for many of these songs to hit the Rock Band Network soon!



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