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Stone Ticket Bringing Eight Rocking Tracks to Rock Band!

We’re proud to announce today that Swedish rock band Stone Ticket is bringing 8 songs through us from their album “PuNk’s DeAd” to the Rock Band Network!

Stone Ticket’s style can simply be described as “pure rock.” Infectious guitar riffs, kick-heavy driving drums, a steady bassline and occasional gang vocals combine to create unique yet familiar sounds to rock out to. While the band is modern, you can hear influences from older rock songs seeping in and helping define the unique sound that is Stone Ticket. Listed among their influences are bands like Howling Wolf and Motörhead, and one can hear a bit of an AC/DC vibe in a few of their tracks, like “Put Out the Fire With Gasoline,” which we have a preview of below.

We’ve heard a lot of people who say they’re looking for a bit more “rock” in their Rock Band. We think Stone Ticket will fit that bill perfectly. Find out more about them at the following links, and enjoy the preview video below!



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