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German Post-Rock Duo Collapse Under the Empire Bring Two Tracks to Rock Band!

Cinematic. Psychedelic. Awesome. These are all among the words that have been used to describe the music of German instrumental post-rock duo Collapse Under the Empire, and they’re all accurate. The band, who released their first tracks in 2008, garnered attention rather quickly, and are currently set to release their latest album, “Fragments of a Prayer,” in September 2012. We’re proud to announce that we’re bringing two songs from their previous album, 2011’s “Shoulders & Giants,” to the Rock Band Network. The tracks are “The Last Reminder” and “Incident.”

Both tracks are excellent examples of the band’s talent for blending echoing guitar, technical drum patterns and atmospheric synth/piano sounds into a true listening experience. Catch a preview of both songs below, and visit Collapse Under the Empire’s official site for more info on the band, as well as a free song download for the song “Dragonfly” for joining their mailing list!




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