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PAX East 2013 Announcement: Paul and Storm’s “Opening Band” is Getting an RB3 Version!

Album Art

If you were at Paul and Storm’s concert at PAX East 2013, you might have noticed that after they played Opening Band (and were pelted by a department store’s worth of stuff in the process), they mentioned Opening Band getting keys and harmonies. We’re confirming that this is indeed happening, and the RB3 version will be released through the Rock Band Network by us!

“Opening Band” is an amazing song, and very fun to play on Rock Band. Everyone who’s bought the original knows this. However, we felt it would be a lot more fun with keys and harmonies added. The song’s got a very active keys section, and it’s almost a crime to have a Paul and Storm song in the game without the ability to sing as both of them. Now you can, and we feel that this move will enrich your enjoyment of the song.

The song will enter playtest this week (after I get home from PAX) and will hopefully be out very soon for you all to enjoy!

Check out our promo video below!


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