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Hey CTA: What Have You Guys Been Up To Lately?

You’ll notice it’s been a while since our last post on this site. It’s also been a while since we’ve had a release; our latest release is “Trixie” by Jeff Burgess, which came out in June. Not many RBN songs have been coming out in general since then either. So you may be asking yourself, what has Chart Toppers been up to in all this time? When will we see another song from the Rock Band Network, from CTA or anyone else? I write this post to bring people up to speed on all that’s been going on.

On the subject of new songs on RBN: Since April, when a hacker took down RockBand.com temporarily, the RBN site we submit our songs to for approval has gone through some technical issues. One of them is a new security wall, a VPN, that basically has us sign in twice to enter the site, which is an understandable move to make considering the sensitive information on that site. However, it’s had on-and-off uploading problems. Most of that appears to be resolved right now, as we have been uploading new songs to the site for playtest and review. It did slow us down a bit while it was going on though.

That was only part of the problem though. Recently, Microsoft has switched from using Microsoft Points to real currency for items on the Xbox Live Marketplace. This has caused some sort of issue with new RBN releases not appearing properly in the store, which has also caused the illusion that nothing new has been releasing from the RBN. One of our songs, “Humanoid” by SIMPL3JACK, was also hit by this problem and should have hit the store before “Trixie” did. We don’t know why one song made it and one song didn’t, but it happened. We’re currently working to get Humanoid re-uploaded and re-approved for sale. However, with the Xbox Live Marketplace causing issues, it may be a while before you see Humanoid or any other new releases from us.

So what have we been doing in the meantime?

For one, we’ve been working on authoring songs and getting them ready for release. If you follow us on social media, you may have seen some new videos we’ve put up. We’re continuing to announce new songs as we get them done, and once all the bugs have been worked out with the RBN pipeline, we’re gonna do all we can to release them en masse so that Rock Band Network players on Xbox 360 can have new songs to buy and enjoy.

We also have a bunch of songs we’ve previously announced that have yet to come out as well. Scrolling down the first page of this site shows a few of them. We also plan to release these songs. We have not cancelled any projects, and we do not plan to cancel any. So if you’ve been waiting for a particular song for a while, please be patient. We want our songs released just as badly as you do.

We’re also not gonna make any announcement posts on this site for the time being, so we can spend our time focusing on the release of songs. New announcements will be made via Facebook, Twitter, and our thread on RockBand.com, and new preview videos will be released on our YouTube channel showing the full songs as seen in-game! That’s our new policy; no more short teaser videos. From now on, we’re showing you the full song, both during the prototype stage and upon final release.

Due to the large amount of songs we’re currently working on, we’re currently not taking any submissions for new projects. It’s not that we don’t want to take on new songs, but we’ve got our hands full with the songs we have right now. It wouldn’t be fair to any of the artists, both the ones waiting for their songs to come out and the ones who want to be in the game, if they had to wait even longer as we juggle more songs than we can handle.

I will note, however, in case you’re an artist that has been talking to us and you’re reading this; we’re not cancelling any deals we’ve made that have yet to be signed. I’ve accounted for your songs in our workload. We’re still taking you onboard. We’re just not accepting any further submissions past that for the time being.

Of course, this isn’t permanent! We’re not closing our doors! We plan to stay in the RBN game until the very last day, and we’re definitely not gonna stop until at least all of the songs we’ve signed are in the store. Once we’ve gotten our workload down to a more manageable level, we’ll begin accepting new submissions again. I have some ideas for some cool songs to pursue at that time. If you’re a CTA artist reading this, and you wanna add new songs, then once we’ve got a lighter load we will definitely take on work from you. We wouldn’t be where we are without you guys, and I want to thank you for entrusting your songs to us to bring to the Rock Band platform.

So that’s the whole situation. I just wanted to throw this post out to inform anyone who may be out of the loop with current events, and also to affirm that we’re still here and we’re not going anywhere. As further proof of that, let me go ahead and announce a new song! It’s our first holiday song! We’re not sure we can get it out in time for the holidays (that’s partially on Microsoft and Harmonix to get the pipeline fixed) but we’re gonna try! Enjoy “I’ll Drink to That,” by Set Your Sails featuring ShadyVox!


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