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PAX East 2013 Announcement: Paul and Storm’s “Opening Band” is Getting an RB3 Version!

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If you were at Paul and Storm’s concert at PAX East 2013, you might have noticed that after they played Opening Band (and were pelted by a department store’s worth of stuff in the process), they mentioned Opening Band getting keys and harmonies. We’re confirming that this is indeed happening, and the RB3 version will be released through the Rock Band Network by us!

“Opening Band” is an amazing song, and very fun to play on Rock Band. Everyone who’s bought the original knows this. However, we felt it would be a lot more fun with keys and harmonies added. The song’s got a very active keys section, and it’s almost a crime to have a Paul and Storm song in the game without the ability to sing as both of them. Now you can, and we feel that this move will enrich your enjoyment of the song.

The song will enter playtest this week (after I get home from PAX) and will hopefully be out very soon for you all to enjoy!

Check out our promo video below!


Announcing: Chart Toppers Authoring Brony Collection!

We’ve been listening, guys. You loved Discord. You want more. You’re getting more.

We’re proud to announce the Chart Toppers Authoring Brony Collection! Four songs inspired by the hit cartoon “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” are hitting the Network! The songs are:

Eurobeat Brony ft. Odyssey – “Discord (EuroChaos Mix)”
Eurobeat Brony ft. Odyssey – “Luna (NIGHTMARE MODE)”
Dasha and The Living Tombstone – “Good Girl”
Jeff Burgess – Trixie

Eurobeat Brony makes his return to the Rock Band platform with two of his most well-known tracks:

-“Discord (EuroChaos Mix)” will join its remixed version in the Rock Band Network, bringing with it fast disco beats, heavy guitar chords, epic vocals, insane keys, and a dubstep bass/drums dual solo. That’s right. You heard me. A DUBSTEP BASS/DRUMS DUAL SOLO.
-“Luna (NIGHTMARE MODE)” promises amazing keys, an awesome guitar solo, some fast galloping bass, and a very fun time at the end. It also boasts the epic Odyssey choruses you know and love.

The Living Tombstone is no stranger to Rock Band, being responsible for the Discord remix, but his return brings with him Israeli vocalist Dasha, whose beautiful vocals will entrance you in the expertly-produced “Good Girl.” Those vocals join some varied guitar lines (including a short solo) and very active drums to make a fun Rock Band track you’ll want to play over and over again.

Also making his Rock Band debut is alternative singer-songwriter Jeff Burgess with one of his most popular tracks, “Trixie,” which boasts some really fun charts. It’s an upbeat track with fast drums and plenty of alt-strumming to be done on the guitar. Keys players won’t find anything here, but the keyboardist can get up, walk over to a second mic, and sing along with the lead vocals in perfect harmony.

Find our official announcement video, which doubles as our YouTube channel’s 100th video special, below!

The Distractions Make Their Rock Band Debut With “In My Arms!”

Punk music has always had a place in Rock Band. It’s fast, it’s aggressive, and it’s fun. Those descriptions fit our latest announcement well; we’re proud to announce that we’re bringing “In My Arms” by Ridgefield, Connecticut band The Distractions!

“In My Arms” is a fast-paced, powerful track with heavy drum work and two-part harmonies that should satisfy any punk fan. Guitarists will also find a challenge in this song with the ending solo, which helps close the song with a quick and powerful finish.

Check out a preview of “In My Arms” below and go like The Distractions on Facebook for more updates on the band!


German Post-Rock Duo Collapse Under the Empire Bring Two Tracks to Rock Band!

Cinematic. Psychedelic. Awesome. These are all among the words that have been used to describe the music of German instrumental post-rock duo Collapse Under the Empire, and they’re all accurate. The band, who released their first tracks in 2008, garnered attention rather quickly, and are currently set to release their latest album, “Fragments of a Prayer,” in September 2012. We’re proud to announce that we’re bringing two songs from their previous album, 2011’s “Shoulders & Giants,” to the Rock Band Network. The tracks are “The Last Reminder” and “Incident.”

Both tracks are excellent examples of the band’s talent for blending echoing guitar, technical drum patterns and atmospheric synth/piano sounds into a true listening experience. Catch a preview of both songs below, and visit Collapse Under the Empire’s official site for more info on the band, as well as a free song download for the song “Dragonfly” for joining their mailing list!



Stone Ticket Bringing Eight Rocking Tracks to Rock Band!

We’re proud to announce today that Swedish rock band Stone Ticket is bringing 8 songs through us from their album “PuNk’s DeAd” to the Rock Band Network!

Stone Ticket’s style can simply be described as “pure rock.” Infectious guitar riffs, kick-heavy driving drums, a steady bassline and occasional gang vocals combine to create unique yet familiar sounds to rock out to. While the band is modern, you can hear influences from older rock songs seeping in and helping define the unique sound that is Stone Ticket. Listed among their influences are bands like Howling Wolf and Motörhead, and one can hear a bit of an AC/DC vibe in a few of their tracks, like “Put Out the Fire With Gasoline,” which we have a preview of below.

We’ve heard a lot of people who say they’re looking for a bit more “rock” in their Rock Band. We think Stone Ticket will fit that bill perfectly. Find out more about them at the following links, and enjoy the preview video below!


Eurobeat Brony and The Living Tombstone Bring First Brony Song to Rock Band!

The popular cartoon “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” has spawned an entire subculture of young adults, known as “Bronies,” who love the show for various reasons. A large amount of these bronies are artists, writers, musicians, and other creative types who draw inspiration from the show to create high-quality fan content that not only enrich their own love of the show, but also that of the entire community who enjoys these works. We’re proud to announce the first song to come to the Rock Band Network of this nature, which is the Living Tombstone remix of “Discord” by Eurobeat Brony!

Eurobeat Brony and The Living Tombstone are two of the most well-known brony musicians in the fandom. Eurobeat Brony is known for, well, eurobeat tracks! He creates his own versions of songs from the show as well as original tracks inspired by the show and its characters. “Discord” is inspired by the eponymous villain from Season 2, a reality warper who spreads chaos and disharmony wherever he goes. The version coming to Rock Band is a remix by electronic producer/composer The Living Tombstone, who in addition to remixes of other brony songs has created many original works, including “Dubstep Dishwasher” (the theme from the fan animation “Epic Wub Time”) and “Tom’s Dog” (the credits theme from TomSka’s animation “asdfmovie5”).

For those who may not be fans of MLP, “Discord (The Living Tombstone Remix)” should still be appealing for fans of upbeat electronic music. The song has gotten almost 2,000,000 views on YouTube, and has been featured on Rolling Stone and Equestria Daily. Keys players will definitely enjoy the solo near the end, and vocalists will have a blast singing the powerful harmonies.

Check out a preview below, and find out more information on both artists at the links below.

Eurobeat Brony:


The Living Tombstone:


FantomenK Returns to Show Rock Band How To Play With Power

Chiptune fans rejoice! We’re proud to announce that FantomenK is returning to Rock Band with one of his amazing compositions, “Playing With Power,” an epic-sounding song that will prove to be fun on all instruments!

FantomenK is a Swedish composer whose various chiptune works have garnered many views on YouTube. He is best known for his song “The Massacre,” which serves as the ending theme to the internet comedy series “Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’?” and is already available on Rock Band.

“Playing With Power” is almost 5 minutes of 8-bit fun that’ll get you hooked as soon as the intro comes in. Being a chiptune track, keys players will fall in love with it instantly, and will enjoy the keys solo at the beginning. In addition, since the “Now you’re playing with power” sample from the Nintendo commercial couldn’t be used, it has been graciously re-recorded by our very own ShadyVox!

Check out the video below, and learn more about FantomenK at:


Singer/Songwriter Ed Tanguy Brings “Sun in Your Eyes” to Rock Band Network!

We’re proud to announce that independent singer/songwriter Ed Tanguy is coming to the Rock Band Network with a mellow-yet-fun track called “Sun in Your Eyes,” a treat for all kinds of Rock Band players…except drummers. This one’s got no drums.

What it lacks in drums, however, it more than makes up for in the other parts. Vocalists will enjoy the range of notes to be sung here and the active verses. Keys players will enjoy a couple of solos, and bassists have a solo waiting for them as well. Guitarists will enjoy this track most of all, however; it’s constantly active, has a few tricky parts, and boasts some really fun solos that will make this song well worth replaying.

Ed Tanguy has many more compositions available on his website. Check out the link below to learn more about him, and check out the preview video for “Sun in Your Eyes” below as well!


Christina Marie Magenta Returns to Rock Band Network With Many New Songs!

Christina Marie Magenta is no stranger to Rock Band. The band previously released seven songs to the game from the album “Burn” some time back, and we’re happy to announce today that we’ll be bringing many more songs, including at least one from “Burn,” and several from the new album “Poison,” set to drop in June.

Christina’s sultry vocals blend together with the band’s industrial/electronic mixed sound to create unique-sounding tracks that are both fun to play and amazing to listen to. The songs draw from rock, electronic, and industrial metal influences, so there’s a bit of something there for everyone, especially since we’re working on multiple tracks to bring to Rock Band 3 players!

Below you’ll find a preview video for the song “Snake,” taken from the “Burn” album. Christina wrote the song when she was 15, demonstrating a talent for songwriting from an early age. The song itself is a perfect example of a CMM-style track, blending distorted guitar together with ambient electronic sounds and moving from a mellow, keys-focused track to a harder, guitar-powered and drum-driven beat, and back and forth.

In addition to songs from both studio albums, we are also working on remixed versions of songs, including a remix of “Lunatic” that is much-more rock-oriented than the original song, and we will also be authoring the winning remix for “Toad” from the remix contest currently being held. If you’re a remix artist, the contest ends May 16th so your remix may be the one we put in the game! More details on the remix contest can be found at the band’s official website.

Find more information on Christina Marie Magenta at the below links, and look out for many of these songs to hit the Rock Band Network soon!


First Floor Fire Brings “Friend or Foe?” to Rock Band!

Hailing from Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland, alliteratively named alternative rock band First Floor Fire brings their unique sound to Rock Band Network with the also alliteratively titled track “Friend or Foe?” which features some fast disco-style drumming.

“Friend or Foe?,” taken from their album “Running for the Exit,” will challenge drummers with fast disco beats and diverse patterns throughout. Guitarists can look forward to a really cool-sounding solo when the song slows down. There’s a few harmonies at the end, but the vocals are mainly lead-centered, with Sorcha Hamill’s melodic verses and powerful choruses blending with the other instruments to create what can simply be called an awesome song.

Check out a preview video for the song below! You can also download this and other First Floor Fire songs free at http://soundcloud.com/firstfloorfire or follow them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/FirstFloorFire.