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Christina Marie Magenta Returns to Rock Band Network With Many New Songs!

Christina Marie Magenta is no stranger to Rock Band. The band previously released seven songs to the game from the album “Burn” some time back, and we’re happy to announce today that we’ll be bringing many more songs, including at least one from “Burn,” and several from the new album “Poison,” set to drop in June.

Christina’s sultry vocals blend together with the band’s industrial/electronic mixed sound to create unique-sounding tracks that are both fun to play and amazing to listen to. The songs draw from rock, electronic, and industrial metal influences, so there’s a bit of something there for everyone, especially since we’re working on multiple tracks to bring to Rock Band 3 players!

Below you’ll find a preview video for the song “Snake,” taken from the “Burn” album. Christina wrote the song when she was 15, demonstrating a talent for songwriting from an early age. The song itself is a perfect example of a CMM-style track, blending distorted guitar together with ambient electronic sounds and moving from a mellow, keys-focused track to a harder, guitar-powered and drum-driven beat, and back and forth.

In addition to songs from both studio albums, we are also working on remixed versions of songs, including a remix of “Lunatic” that is much-more rock-oriented than the original song, and we will also be authoring the winning remix for “Toad” from the remix contest currently being held. If you’re a remix artist, the contest ends May 16th so your remix may be the one we put in the game! More details on the remix contest can be found at the band’s official website.

Find more information on Christina Marie Magenta at the below links, and look out for many of these songs to hit the Rock Band Network soon!



First Floor Fire Brings “Friend or Foe?” to Rock Band!

Hailing from Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland, alliteratively named alternative rock band First Floor Fire brings their unique sound to Rock Band Network with the also alliteratively titled track “Friend or Foe?” which features some fast disco-style drumming.

“Friend or Foe?,” taken from their album “Running for the Exit,” will challenge drummers with fast disco beats and diverse patterns throughout. Guitarists can look forward to a really cool-sounding solo when the song slows down. There’s a few harmonies at the end, but the vocals are mainly lead-centered, with Sorcha Hamill’s melodic verses and powerful choruses blending with the other instruments to create what can simply be called an awesome song.

Check out a preview video for the song below! You can also download this and other First Floor Fire songs free at http://soundcloud.com/firstfloorfire or follow them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/FirstFloorFire.

“Crabplosion” by Skylliton Coming to Rock Band Network to Benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!

(April 6, 2012) – Chart Toppers Authoring, LLC announced today that they will be bringing the track “Crabplosion” by Skylliton to the Rock Band Network to benefit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This song is the second charity song from Chart Toppers after January 2011’s announcement of “Firehouse Bar” by Kylie D. Hart.

All royalties made from this track will directly benefit St. Jude.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a pediatric treatment and research facility based in Memphis, Tennessee. The goal of St. Jude is to research ways to improve treatment of cancer and other catastrophic illnesses in children. Started in 1962 by Danny Thomas, a nightclub comedian and television/film actor, St. Jude aims to improve and change the lives of the children and families suffering from cancer and other such illnesses.

“I’m happy to be able to help out another great cause,” said Paolo Viteri, owner of Chart Toppers Authoring, LLC. “My family has supported St. Jude in the past through the Dream Home giveaways, and I’m glad to have a way to do my part as well. Not to mention getting to author an awesome song as part of it.”

“We’re proud and pleased to have our work further benefit St. Jude,” said a member of Skylliton. “They’re a great hospital, and since we’ve lost friends during our childhood, the issue hits close to home.”

“Crabplosion” is most recognizable by fans of the internet parody series “Dragon Ball Z Abridged” by TeamFourStar. The song started as a short clip used for a joke in Episode 22 of the series, before becoming a full song in response to popular demand. The song is available on iTunes and Amazon for $0.99, and sales of the song also benefit St. Jude. Soon, the song will also be available in Rock Band 3 for Xbox 360, and potentially Playstation 3, and will also be playable alongside thousands of other songs in Harmonix’s newly announced downloadable title “Rock Band Blitz.”

You may view a preview of the upcoming song below.

Purchase “Crabplosion” at the following places:

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/crabplosion/id466925142?i=466925381&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Crabplosion-Explicit/dp/B005OH1NMI/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1316640582&sr=1-1

Visit Chart Toppers Authoring on the web at:


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Legend of Hobo Theme is Coming to Rock Band Network!

Today we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with singer-songwriter Viktor Cepeda and Bashcraft to bring the theme song to the popular webseries “The Legend of Hobo” to the Rock Band Network!

“The Legend of Hobo” is a YouTube series created by Brandon Ashur using Minecraft that tells the story of a man named Hobo who must go on an epic journey. The series has 5 episodes, with a sixth in production as of this post. The YouTube channel it’s hosted on has almost 70,000 subscribers and each video has a large amount of views, with the first episode having over one million views!

The theme song has fast guitar, a catchy chorus and awesome-sounding keyboard that makes it a perfect fit for Rock Band. Viktor combines melodious vocal harmonies with an iconic keys riff to make an amazing opener to the series, and players will be able to rock out to the full version of the theme song!

Check out the preview video below!

Find out more about:

Viktor Cepeda:

Legend of Hobo:

Exit of the Envious Brings “The One That Released Its Terror” to Rock Band!

We’re proud to announce today that we’re bringing alternative/New Progressive rock band Exit of the Envious to Rock Band Network! They will make their Rock Band debut with “The One That Released Its Terror,” the fifth track off of their self-titled EP!

Exit of the Envious (formerly known as CurrentLeo) hails from South Jordan, Utah. Their music is influenced by a variety of classic and contemporary rock styles, resulting in unique, solid compositions with various styles of play interweaving with each other. Exit of the Envious has performed many local shows with bands such as The Lost Colony, The Never Ending Summer, New Origins, Children of Nova and Exit Strategy.

“The One That Released Its Terror” is a great example of their unique style; starting with a noisy jam intro, the song transitions into a build-up that leads to a guitar solo, before moving on to the main riffs. The song alternates between quiet, melodic guitar playing and fast, rocking solos, which makes for a very fun Rock Band experience.

Check out a preview of “The One That Released Its Terror” below, and learn more about Exit of the Envious at:



Chilean Virtuoso Guitarist Lechuga Brings Progressive Instrumental “O Vurdón” to Rock Band Network!

We’ve noticed that people like to buy difficult songs on Rock Band. Usually these songs are technically complex, like progressive metal. We love songs like this too, and so we’re proud to announce that Chilean virtuoso guitarist Lechuga is bringing his compositon “O Vurdón” to the Rock Band Network!

Benjamín Lechuga is a talented international guitarist/composer/sessionist from Chile whose skills won him a scholarship from Steve Vai to study music in London, where he currently resides. Lechuga has recorded many songs with progressive metal band DELTA as well as a self-titled solo album, where “O Vurdón” is taken from. He has shared the stage with world-famous artists like Dream Theater (chosen by Mike Portnoy himself to appear), Miley Cyrus, The Doors, Andy Timmons, Symphony X, and Stratovarius, among others. He pulls influences from a variety of metal bands and guitarists, and it’s reflected in his sound.

“O Vurdón” is an amazing blend of flamenco and electric guitar that mixes perfectly to create one of the most unique and breathtaking progressive instrumentals you’ll ever hear. Skilled guitarists will have their hands full with the various solos, and bassists and keyboard players will have to do their best to survive the blistering patterns on their charts! Drummers get a special treat; a 2x Bass Pedal version of this song will also be made available for download! Watch a preview of the song below, and learn more about Lechuga at:


Straight Outta Junior High Coming Straight to Your Rock Band 3!

Ever heard a song that just made your day? The kind of fast-paced, upbeat punk song about absolutely nothing that just makes you smile and makes you think, “This would be so awesome in Rock Band, you don’t even know”? If you haven’t, then today you will.

Straight Outta Junior High released their 5th album, Sharknocerous, in 2009 under their own label, Wunkrock Records. The song we’re bringing off this album, “Dudes and Guys and Things and Stuff” is about dudes…and guys…and things…and also stuff. Can’t forget the stuff. It’s a hilarious and energetic song that makes for an amazing Rock Band experience. Fast-paced drums, an awesome guitar solo, and chorus harmonies will keep you playing this song over and over and over again, and will make you fall in love with SOJH’s signature sound.

Check out a preview of the song below, and find out more about Straight Outta Junior High at:


Rocket Ship Resort Returns to Rock Band With “Postcard!”

Rocket Ship Resort is no stranger to Rock Band, having released “Starlight Speedway” to RBN in late 2011. The song’s high-energy electronic sound and upbeat vocals made it a hit. Now, Rocket Ship Resort makes its return to the Rock Band platform with the closing song to the Dream Catcher EP, “Postcard!”

“Postcard” is a bit less high-energy than “Starlight Speedway” but no less powerful. Mike Meredith delivers a strong vocal performance accented by various harmonies, unique synths, distorted guitar, diverse basslines and driven drum patterns that overall make “Postcard” a blast to play on Rock Band.

If you haven’t become a fan of Rocket Ship Resort from “Starlight Speedway,” then “Postcard” will be the song that makes you finally go and check out more music. And there’s no better time than now; the band recently released their new single “Firebirds” from their upcoming “Weather & the Waves” album and earlier collaborated with Blake Swift (known as ShadyVox to Yu-Gi-Oh GX Abridged and Rock Band fans alike) on a wonderful cover of Blink-182’s “Up All Night.”

You can see a preview of “Postcard” below, and find out more about Rocket Ship Resort at the following sites:




Zing Experience Bringing a Vocals/Guitar Only Track to Rock Band Network!

There are people who play guitar on Rock Band. There are people who sing. There are people who like to do both at the same time. Very few songs lend themselves well to the third type of player, and we’re glad to throw one more into the mix with this beautiful acoustic piece, “Faster Than a Bullet” from New York/Haiti band Zing Experience!

“The term “Zing” is defined as a spirit from the sea with African and native Indian roots. The feeling that Zing Experience generates has been described as one that inspires and transcends this world. Zing Experience leaves you with a desire for more — not only for more music, but also for a better understanding of this world — and the realization that the possibilities are limitless.” – Zing Experience Bio

Zing Experience draw influences from artists as diverse as Boukman Eksperyans, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Prince and Lenny Kravitz. They mix Haitian roots with rock to create soulful music to make your day better. The track we’re bringing to Rock Band, “Faster Than a Bullet,” is performed by band leader Paul Beaubrun, who mixes acoustic chords with a strong vocal performance and even throws in a small solo at the end. It’s a perfect track for “voxtar” players!

Check out a preview of “Faster Than a Bullet” below, and visit these websites to learn more about Zing Experience.



La Banda de Rock Venezolana “Sifting” Trae a Rock Band Network Su Nueva Canción “All the Hated”

Hemos anunciado muchas canciones últimamente, pero no habíamos tenido hard rock por un buen tiempo, pero llego el momento de cambiar eso. Estamos muy orgullosos de traer a Rock Band Network la banda de rock venezolana “Sifting” la cual presenta su primera canción que lleva el mismo titulo de su nuevo LP “All the Hated”.

Un dato interesante sobre Sifting es que aun cuando es una banda de rock venezolana, sus canciones son cantadas en ingles. Habiendose formado en el año 2007 Sifting ya ha compartido el escenario con actos tales como “Bullet for My Valentine” y han grabado un EP titulado “All the Hated”, el cual ha sido expandido a un LP.

El material de esta banda es muy diverso, con esta canción que están poniendo en este momento, los jugadores de rock band tendrán la oportunidad de saborear el  lado de hard rock de esta banda, pero Sifting también entra en el territorio de “progressive metal”, ellos mezclan varias voces poderosas con multiples partes activas de guitarra acompañados de secciones con ritmo agresivo, creando un sonido único cada vez que hacen ésta combinación de elementos. Como resultado tenemos música extremadamente divertida de jugar en Rock Band.

Como siempre, tenemos un preview video para que puedan comprobar por ustedes mismos el talento de esta banda.

“All the Hated” está llegando a Rock Band muy pronto. Descubre más acerca de Sifting en: